DMX Music Visualization

     The program is designed for control lights and other techniques by DMX512. Visualization is based on data acquired from music in real time. The project is focused on reaching such visualization that corresponds with music produced with no need of human factor intervention.  

  • Application can control lighting technology directly by music in real time.
  • Human factor intervention is not necessary.
  • Better use of lighting technology.
  • Nonstop synchronize lights techniques with music production.
  • Each of all lights can control individually in contrast to light designer.
  • Harmonizes light scene with new music production unknown in advance.
  • Program can quickly react even to unpredicted changes in music.
  • Allows for control of already inbuilt lighting technology.
  • Free software upgrade from internet.
  • For music control any sound card input or output can be used.

Music Visualization 1.4


Graphic Chase Track and Adjustable DJ Buttons


DMX512 Hardware Options

System Requirements
CPU 800 MHz or higher
Windows 2000 or higher
USB port 1.1 or 2.0
CD-ROM or internet access

CD includes
DMX Music Visualization
DMX512 Light Control Full Version
DMX512 PC Control Free Version
Drivers for DMX PIPE

Music Visualization Full version. Features: 512 DMX channels, ulimited
Music Visualization Average version. Features: 64 DMX channels, max. 20 attributes
Music Visualization Lite version. Features: 16 DMX channels, max. 10 attributes
DMX512 Light Control Full Version. Features: 512 DMX Channels


Music Visualization in practice - video for download (YouTube).
Demo for download - here

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